a teacher at Cheongwon High School

It’s written by Kang Jae-ho, a teacher at Cheongwon High School, in the diary of the teachers’ union.
Even Mr. Kang Jae-ho, who always smiles and remains the same
It’s easy to do Chuck, but it’s hard to do it.
We are still young and still young.

Some of the seniors who graduated have personally tried to do their own thing.
In the meantime, I have participated in candlelight vigils and anti-war peaceful rallies.

I don’t think all of us have ever “released” in the name of Rickon.
Right? ^

But there are juniors who make Rickon reflect on themselves and embarrass them.
They’re about to graduate.
These guys, unlike the seniors who used to shake around after the college entrance exam every year,
I’ve been volunteering almost every day on my way to the Sharing House.
The last year-end volunteer was the largest number of riders in each of

I think we felt both shy and happy in the 3rd generation.
We can’t just sit there, can we?^^

I don’t know how everyone is going to spend this vacation,
We’re all together, and we’re all trying to create a charity fund.
It’s a suggestion from the first batch.

There are two ways to prepare a daily hop for the entire event of the Rickayon.
Also, let’s work hard during this vacation and save money under the name of bearer.

The Rickayon Ilhoff, for all the friends around him, is dedicated to charity.
You tell them you’ve got a daily hop and you invite them.
Turns the proceeds into charity funds in the name of Rickon.
But it’s not just a daily pub selling liquor and food.
We’re going to show all the friends we know who’s going to be there.

I think we can make a lot of teams for the performance.
Each of us chooses what we want to do.
A cappella, a skit, a performance, a dance, whatever.
We’ll open a daily pub around the beginning of February, and then we’ll practice for a month or so until then.
We’re opening a daily pub that shows our friends.
Don’t feel pressured because you don’t have to be professional or good.
Let’s practice with the heart of doing good.

And then…
Let’s save money by working part-time, saving pocket money, or cutting back on snacks during the vacation.
But I’m going to write a story about how I saved money for a month or so.
You never know who paid what, under a secret name.
Let’s get it together in our own way.

Personal collection should be of your own mind without asking for the amount of money.
Don’t tell each other how much we’ve paid, just so we can know what we’

Well, during vacation time when it’s messy and loose,
I hope we can live with the original meaning of our Rickon.
Each person spends their vacation meaningfully, on the regular MT in February.
I wish we could laugh and talk.

I want you to think deeply about these two proposals.
I would like to discuss this with you this Sunday.

After lunch on Sunday, we met up and talked about how we would spend our vacation.
I hope I can meet my seniors again soon.

I enjoyed a date with Mr. afternoon at Comic World in Seoul.v.
There have been a series of minor incidents of some jealous God trying to sabotage a date, and the town bus where Mr. afternoon was delayed due to a small collision in the middle.Anyway, I met her safely (as I expected, a friendly and pleasant person with a white face) and went straight to the comic world venue – Yangjae aT center to find her. The art center, which managed to reach from inside the bus, was cold, bad, and horrible.

Mission Impossible, or something like a phone call that reminds me of agents’ secret spy movies, and I played Willie a lot when I was a kid, and I played the game, “Find the Arc,” which I played for a long time in front of a giant tree, and then I finally got to meet her. Wearing a khaki hat and a black coat, wearing glasses.;) – Your voice and your actions are so cute – would it be rude to say this to someone older than me? You’ve helped me relax a lot in the face of the first offline encounter, no matter what it may be online.

It would have been nice to be with you all the time, but after a while, Arc was gone (by any chance, did you purposely leave for me and the afternoon honeymoon?I was walking all alone on the first floor looking for Mr. K’s Hagarren, but I soon joined Mr. afternoon and came out for a proper round of food and drinks and a place to talk.

Alas, there really wasn’t a lot of places to eat around there; next time I’ll have another comic show here, I’ll buy a Tongji book and meet someone else, but I won’t go back here. I’m sure the people who promised to meet today had a hard time because they didn’t have a lot of places to meet or get together. Oh, maybe you should pack some food if you want to go to the art center tomorrow. In our case, we walked a road we didn’t know for half an hour and barely managed to meet fusion restaurants and coffee shops and rest our legs. Mr. Poon is eating raw fish bibimbap (right?), and I’m having a long, profound discussion about Mr. Barne, not a debate, but rather just an afternoon of seeping? Ma Myung-soo’s father is not Ma Hyung-joon, and the time flows of the Getback world are known by his hair and length of clothes, and he picked out a very painful topic (laughs). Later on, when I just brought up Barne’s story, Mr. Poon said, “What is it?”;

…… but please forgive me for being a slightly crooked expression of affection, Mr. afternoon.

I thought I’d put it on the brain brake board, and I filled it up with delusions, graffiti and blank paper, but I can’t get it up because of its large capacity. That’s too bad.

Well, to mention some of the most intense delusions I’d like to put on Ginji — a list of clothes I’d like to put on her — Slit, a Sera uniform, a wedding dress, half shirt and a pair of pants (…), a nude lace apron and a little caricature (Crawie), a Getback World character relationship (totally touchy) and an afternoon’s novel, which I’s impromptu-and a little bit of epipposure to a little bit of a little bit of a little bit of my novel. They’ll be attacked,

Now I’m writing a review of my love life in a PC room I was visiting for a delusion scan.
Oh, time’s running out, and I’ve got to go

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