Article 1 The Paiyikdang (Faik) was created

첨에는 교육만 받으러 다녔습니다

Article 1 The Paiyikdang (Faik) was created for the purpose of a gathering of the drivers who wanted to discuss and essay on current affairs.

Article 2 This regulation aims to contribute to the efficient operation of the club by setting up the organization/medical or other necessary matters of profit.

Article 3 1 The members of this club shall consist of personnel elected by their own judgment.

2 There is no limit to the number of members in the benefits.

Article 4 Regular meetings of the paiyuk shall be held once a week, and extraordinary meetings may be held as necessary.

Article 5 Paiq elects one club leader and two club leaders (first and second grade, respectively).

Article 6 The election of the club leader and the club leader shall be decided by a vote within the group. (Exception is the club leader of the first generation and the club leader of the second grade.)

Article 7 The Pai-ik shall be decided by the presence of a majority of the Redeemed Members and by the approval of a majority of the Attendance Members.

Article 8 What is proposed in the paiyuk may be dealt with in the paiyuk cafe (hereinafter referred to as the paiyuk cafe).

Article 9 Pai-ik may establish rules concerning doctors and internal regulations.

Chapter 2 Elections and Elections

Article 10 (election and voting rights) Members of the first, second and third grades within the Paiik Party have the right to vote and the right to vote.

Article 11 The presentation of political opinions and voting of candidates (the method of selection) shall be conducted at the regular meeting of the profit-taking.

Article 12 (Registration of candidates) candidate registration shall be conducted verbally to the electric club leader.

Article 13 (Elections) Voting will be conducted by open vote at regular meetings.

Article 14 (Decision and announcement of the elector) shall be made in the order of the multiple votes, but when the number of votes is equal, a vote shall be taken again for the highest and second place votes.

the third session

Article 15 (regular) regular meetings are held every Saturday.

Article 16 (temporary meeting) 1 extraordinary meeting may be held if the club leader acknowledges the need for a club leader and if there is a proposal by more than three members.

2 Temporary meetings and other activities, except regular meetings, may be carried out in cafes or other places.

Article 17 First Discussion Subject shall be selected by the club leader and promulgated to the cafe among the topics proposed by the members at the regular meeting just before.

2 If there is no subject suggested by the members, the decision shall be made through discussion between the club leader and the club leaders.

Article 18 Discussions shall be held alternately by member at regular meetings.

the organ of Chapter 4 profit

Article 19 (The term of the club leader/the term of the club leader) The term of the club leader and the club leader shall be one year.

The term of the club leader or club leader elected by by-election shall be the remaining term of his predecessor.

Article 20 (the duty of the club leader) The club leader represents the interests, organizes the opinions, maintains order and supervises affairs.

Article 21 (Assistant manager of club head of club) When a club leader has an accident, the club leader designated by the club leader shall represent his or her duties.

Article23 In the event of an accident, both the club leader and the club leader shall elect a temporary club leader to serve as chairman.

Article24 When a club leader or a club leader is held, a by-election shall be held without delay.

Article 25 (Dongarajang/Dongarajang’s resignation) The club leader and the club leader may resign with the consent of Paiik.

the duties of the Fifth chapter

Article26 1 A member must obtain the consent of the club leader, or of the club manager, or at least three other members when he or she is engaged in activities in the name of the pai-ik outside the pai-ik.

2 The members shall not say or do anything harmful to the benefit.

Article 27 When a member (application and absence) is prevented from attending a profit or loss due to an accident, he shall tell the other member in advance.

Article28 In addition to these regulations, details such as the operation of the meeting shall follow the decision of the guidance teacher or the club leader.

After reading the original 20 entries, what we felt in common was that there were no works that stand out.(However, it is good luck to meet such a work as a seer.Instead, there were quite a few ‘level’ pieces that felt long-lasting abrasives.
We started a debate over the works of five people.Park Sung-hee’s “Stairway of Youth” is a simple but complex way of matching childhood memories with adult life, but the sequel is a two-minute method of reminiscence and daily life.Kim Kyung-jin’s “Snails Are Scary” has a delicate relationship between nature and self, but it collapses in his follow-up film.Kim Chang-hun, who wrote “Jeonnam Seongro-won,” has many possibilities, but he is not yet a complete and total owner of those possibilities.
Chen’s “Ask the Tree” contains scenes of nature, daily life, and religious mystery in the mountains, but one cannot help but wonder if the vague wrinkles between the images are decorative and a vestige of the colorful investigation.It was a very unfortunate aspect for the shippers.
Kwon Hyuk-je, who has contributed three other films, is filled with scenes that bring up the first two lines of “Toe” and the abandoned city’s traditional sentiment (e.g. “It rained on Pyongtaek”/Rain in a low-carbon pile/Climbs of black magpie) to the pain of the entire Korean Peninsula through “Who’s Kkachi.”And the equation of ‘Toe = Laugh = Scream’ gives the city’s body a formidable complexity.In “Meal” and “Yuqi,” “Hung Gun = Complex” is also appropriate.We decided to pick out the scene and wet the people who didn’t make it.

Kim Myung-in, Kim Jung-hwan

[Thoughts on election]
While sneaking into the West Sea along the sunset on the West Sea Bridge, he received a phone call.
The sunset shook and struck a standing bridge like a Trojan horse and tore it to pieces.
For a moment, the heat rose in the face with a mixture of sashes.There was nothing that I really had to accept and reject.
I still feel trapped in an endless tunnel.You may be more confused when you reach the distance you can adapt to light.
But now, I want to trade the heavy pressure I had because of the passage system with the sunset falling into the West Sea.
I deeply thank the teacher of the judges for giving me a key to easily open the mind of a frustrated person and the true image of things during difficult times.
I also sincerely thank Kim Soo-bok, who led me with a gentle smile, Park Yi-do, and Lee Nam-ho, who guided me in writing poems and theories.
I tried to get out of writing and now I want to be a real poet who uses it from writing again.
Listening to the sound of the wind once more

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