Familiar Hyangchon-dong, but unfamiliar art theater

1. Familiar Hyangchon-dong, but unfamiliar art theater “Film Tong.”

In Cine Asia in front of the Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park, it is hard to find the steps of young men and women with the fall of Hyangchon-dong. Hyangchon-dong is Daegu’s more than 50s liberated area. The Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park features a long-range picture of handlers and onlookers, focusing on Due to the eyes of these free-of-charge spectators, long-term players must be nervous. There are more than five adult teques around here, and a pork rice soup restaurant, which is somewhat unfamiliar to young people, is a neighborhood that is the mainstream. Unlike other fast-food restaurants, Lotteria has white-haired customers, making it the only place in the country where coffee is sold more than coke. A fresh placard was caught in Hyangchon-dong not too long ago. This is a placard for the film special lecture titled “From Lumiere to Hyundai” organized by FilmTong.
Not only was it the first time for a popular film lecture in Daegu, but also the instructor’s Jin-young’s attention. He asked for an interview without any hesitation because he was curious about the “film box” that organized the event.
Despite the sudden request for an interview, Kim Joong-ki, the head of the bank, called the CEO of Film Tong, readily responded.

2. Cultural Ethana of our time, Cine Kid Kim Joong-ki.

The culture of the ’80s is the culture of resistance and alcohol. Contradiction required alcohol, and alcohol organized resistance. The drinking party was the only place for discussion with the ire, and the only freeway without barricades. At that time when it was represented by resistance and alcohol culture, the film was only considered one of the 3S policies that promoted dictatorship and maintained its regime. The cultural vulnerability of 386 may have been inherent from this point on But even then, there were people who dreamed of movies, and who were crazy about movies. Now they are playing their part as the central force in the Korean film industry. Let’s briefly look back on the past days of Kim Joong-ki, who has been a reporter for Maeil Shinmun for more than 10 years.
The cultural heresy of our time would have been like Myung-gil and Byeong-seok in the movie ‘The Life of Hollywood Kid.’ With an obsession with movies like crazy, they would have watched movies and studied. He would have dreamed of a movie if he went to the civic theater, the Savoy theater, and the Dong-A theater. It must have been no model student, even if it wasn’t a bad student. This passion made him give up his return to school after being discharged from the military in 1984 and work in the front line for two years in Chungmuro for filmmaking. However, would Chungmuro have to be an easy place? Now, although it has failed (?) as a filmmaker, the affection for the film is approaching the pop culture movement through the “film box.” It’s a terrible wind of age.

3. A peek at the mind through the barrel of the film box.

I have a memory of my pencil case. It’s not as sophisticated as it is now, but when you open the lid of the pencil case, it has a strong fragrance for all the sharpened pencils, erasers and knives. Sometimes the urge to sharpen a pencil with a knife is the power of this memory. The barrel goes beyond the functional, it also includes the value of the “collect of precious things.” You don’t know what movies are in it until you open the lid of the film box. In other words, open the lid with anticipation and excitement. There is also the openness and familiarity of any movie in the film box. We have a preoccupation with art-only theater, which is a headache and esoteric place. However, Kim Joong-ki, the manager of “Film Tong,” defines art films as movies with simplicity, emotion and warmth. I want to create a movie where I can enjoy and discuss with my family, have fun talking to the director after the movie, and through this, I want to create a film culture that improves understanding of movies. I want to overcome the culture of being busy going back home after the movie. They want to create a new form of culture that combines watching movies, learning and meeting. This is why we have “meeting time with the director.” Although it is a planning stage, it is designed to create a children’s theater so that children can watch movies naturally while adults are watching movies.
Due to the commercial reasons of great but not commercially successful films and theater owners, Daegu has brought films that have never even been shown to the public.

4. Will the experiment of cultural guerilla ‘film barrel’ succeed?

The “openness to the masses” of the “film barrel” has yet to develop into “openness by the masses.” It remains to be seen whether the movie market, dominated by teenagers and 20-somethings, will be able to move only two or three movies a year. Will exclusiveness to heterogeneous culture overcome the stubborn cultural conservatism of Daegu and blossom the flower of a new film culture? As an alternative theater to a compound theater, can a traditional theater maintain its vitality? In fact, the future of the ‘Philim Tong’ that seeks to expand and develop the business by expanding its membership and developing the propaganda media does not seem so smooth. But cultural self-cultivation and popularity were not ultimately up to the few visionaries! Therefore, it would not be impossible if there were arrogant cultural guerrillas called “Kim Joong-ki and Pilim Tong,” which say “the master of culture is a movie.” We sincerely hope that Daegu will be covered with new cultural scents as much as the fresh placard caught in Hyangchon-dong, and that Daegu’s cultural map will be changed to alternative film culture.

The new year has dawned.
I don’t know if everyone has gotten a year older after eating rice cake soup.
Yesterday was Jintae birthday, so we gathered the 1st generation of time.
I’d like to summarize what was said there and make a suggestion.

1st or 2nd year of graduation and 3rd year of graduation soon!

When Rickayon had the hardest time to look at high school 2nd and 3rd grade,
Through travel and discussion, we have understood each other and studied society and what is right.
I’ve been thinking differently, thinking differently than other friends around me.

But with seniors graduating, the problems of lack of practice grew.
I thought I’ve been growing my hair too long.

“I don’t want to push others and try to live a better life alone.
You have to help people who are having a harder time than me and live well together.”

Any Rickon would agree with this idea.
If someone asks you why you have to live like that,
To the point where any of us can talk for over an hour.

Shouldn’t we reflect on whether we’re living like this?
It’s not a thought or a word.
Whether he’s moving first with his heart or with his body.

” …..

It’s easy to pretend you’re not greedy for material,
It’s hard to share everything with the absent and live together as a pleasant neighbor.

It’s easy to brag about helping others.
It’s hard to help with the left hand without telling the right

It’s easy to settle for the present life frame.
By giving up such an easy frame of mind and breaking it down
It’s hard to make a big world of creative future.

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