I think I need to explain a little bit about

I think I need to explain a little bit about studying abroad.

The idea of studying abroad itself is very much an emphasis on ‘
The most ideal human figure in the history of studying abroad is a saint or a soldier.
How can an ordinary person like us become such an adult soldier?
In the history of studying abroad, how to teach is.
I know it’s mainly a Bible, but…
Those good words and actions left behind by the great people of the
They teach you that you can become such a great adult soldier if you constantly learn, practice it as you learned, and work hard on self-discipline.
(I see learning itself as one of the many ways of self-discipline.)
Therefore, the four masters at the time saw that they had to constantly cultivate their studies to fit into those Confucian ideals, sometimes self-discipline, and sometimes go out to the government and do good politics.
It’s… it’s more than just Confucianism.
To do that, you have to read a lot of books and discuss what you read with them.(For example, is this the true picture of oil prices? Something like this..)

If you want to encourage the state to have that kind of ideal Confucian figure,
We need to support that on a national level.

That’s why various academic research and book publishing businesses develop.
(At the beginning of Joseon Dynasty, the development of all kinds of active advisory systems was also developed from these ideas. If you want to read a book, you have to print it out — it doesn’t really matter.

Anyway, in the process, what is the king then?
Eventually, the person who fits that Confucian ideology becomes king, and rules.
But a king is born that way, right?
But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he was born in such a fortunate state that he was academically and ideologically fit for oil-based ideology.)

So if you’re going to be a lucky king, an ideal human figure for studying abroad, you have to make an artificial effort to be that kind of person, that’s what education.
(It’s all connected to what you said before, right?)

So the state officially educates the king. What did you call the system? He said it was a contest. (About three times a day, the king receives education from his servants and discusses them.)
Then the crown prince, the son of the king, will eventually become king.
It’s an identity society at that time.
So, you have to study in advance even before you become a king. It’s hard when people play hard and suddenly try to study. -ᅮ
So the name of the education for the king’s son, Cesar, is Seoyeon,” said the king.)

Other than that, I would compile and correct various books in the country.
If you have any good books or new books in China, the envoys will go and bring them in
(Because it’s hard to get in and out of foreign countries at the time…)
They copied it back and handed it out to the private sector. And so on.
That’s sort of academic work.
I’m sure they did this before the Joseon Dynasty, but they especially prospered during this time.

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