Emphasis on education content textbooks

Emphasis on education content (textbooks, Intellectual Heritage – >The purpose of intellectual insight, the formation of a merit system) – Traditional Education Hall

Students (considering experience, interest, and care/excessively free)—– progressive educators

The foundation of education is usually…Intentionality, planning and value orientation are preconditions.

The concept of education is… There are engineering concepts (professor Jeong Beom-mo; human behavior; planning; change), adult concepts (Peter’s), and socialization (Durge) concepts.+Duey theory**
Education (new system, intellectual eye)/training, memorizing (restricted special skill polishing)

Peters says will is the subject of training and spirit is the object of education.
‘Educational dualism (Peterus)–Existing dualism; Emphasis on the mental aspect.’Intellectual heritage…intellectual eye
———————— Perceptual dualism, method knowledge and proposition knowledge.Proprietary knowledge is important
‘Educational monolithic theory (Duey)–Existing monolithic theory
——————–Sperceptual monolithic; John Dewey. method->nominal knowledge

Chapter 6 Education Sociology
1st Issue Conflictist Education Theory**
School education is an economic and cultural means of reproduction. The knowledge of school education is the product of the ruling ideology.
In a capitalist society, the process of education is a process of alienation, and the school system is a system that reflects the conflict between the ruling and the ruling classes. School education is a means of social control to maintain the status quo of the existing system.

4 paragraphs without introduction or conclusion, basic assumptions, educational significance, limitations, and complementary views according to the above order.

chapter six
The Theory of Higher Education in the Third Issue
Desire to learn theory
Technical function theory
neo-Marcs theory
Competitive position theory

Chapter 5 Practical Wisdom on the 15th Issue
There should be some degree of anxiety, but if you go too far, you will collapse on your own.
You just have to try a little harder.
The interview comes up one by one on the cafe, and it could be an essay question.
You have to start now, or you won’t be able to see it.!!!
Approach with confidence.

Chapter 7
First Issue Creative Education
Thought characteristics of creativity-sensitive, fluency, ductility, originality
Explanation regarding fingerprints.

Second issue self-regulation

Self-regulation…Man is a personal social being.Both should be emphasized.
Dewey also believes that humans grow individuals as social beings. Social interaction may be ignored if it spreads to objectist thinking.
The social process of moving from biological compliance to social existence…says Durban.The process of making non-social existence a social being.
Schools should develop citizenship and public citizenship by internalizing values, virtues, attitudes and norms to members of society.
Dewey believes that all education is done by the participation of individuals in the first social consciousness.Human educational growth is achieved through social interaction.
Social autonomy should be nurtured.

5th Annual Test of Advanced Practice Class (Education for Life) Nov. 12
16print 4p educational thinker..Important**
Steiner-education is art
Nail-childhood is good, free.Freedom is different from indulgence. It is not an infringement of other people’s freedom. Summerhill School

Textbook p131 Discussion 03 Presbyterian University 02
Traditionalist Education Center/ Growth View-Dewy, Russo is a child-centered, Nail is a liberal/ existentialist awakening – Jung Jae-gul dumpling model, metrology model
A worthless belief.This edification, so it is not education – Peter.
$indoctrination-Confuciating, Wigyo (Lee Dong-hee), Interaction (Jang Sang-ho)
+ Approach from a methodical point of viewAmerican progress;relevant to the oppressive and totalitarian aspects.Repeat, highlight practice (question, no discussion); sometimes emphasize repeat practice according to subject matter
+Content aspectTrue and false, characteristic of religious doctrines, are impossible to prove-false or true in a manner that is discussed in conjunction with doctrines.
A basic assumption that cannot be accepted for nothing is called enlightenment when teaching.- 불가Can’t prove political beliefs or the basic family nature of empirical science
+intentional aspectsDepending on where the teacher’s intention is… (Killpatrick should suggest a reason for “if” in moral training and then proceed to moral exploration if possible)
The objective of the teacher’s intentions, even if it’s something that’s not objective and changes, is clear to the belief of the teacher, there are times when one can go straight to moral inquiry without giving a reason.
$smook depends on how you intend it.To teach, instill, and instill, false knowledge intentionally in an inefficient (high pressure and practice)

a can systematically pass down norms such as moral values and virtues required by the community. The problem is that students interfere with the expression of autonomy and ignore personality and proceed with the center of teaching.
B emphasizes spontaneity The issue of emphasizing the self-reliance of moral human form can be overlooked by excessive freedom of the student to
C requires the establishment of school rules and regulations that reflect the opinions of all school members, including teachers and students. It is desirable to be able to follow suit on your own

Education requires a clear philosophy of education. The philosophy of education is a compass.
Issue 04 Conflicts between Traditional and Progressive Perspective

It is also featured in the third issue of cultural education* interview.

Distinguished Buan people,
Health and peace in every family in the new year of the Gapsin.
I wish you all the best.

In the last six months, there has been a feud and conflict over the nuclear power plant center.
The pitiful reality of turning against the brothers in the neighborhood is making everyone sad.

The anti-nuclear, environmental, labor and some religious groups, and the senseless outsiders who sympathize with them.
In the chaos that has been committed, many soldiers are anxious, injured, and sent to prison.
It’s full of wounds.

How many soldiers will be sacrificed in the future?
I am also anxious about how to put our people first.

The anti-nuclearists don’t give a damn if all the Buan people die just for the sake of the anti-nuclear.
I am bent on achieving my purpose.
Our people are slowly getting infected with their tricks, and they’re
You can’t expect a better future if you don’t block them and guard them.

The Pan-Buan County Federation will lead the initiative in attracting state-run projects. We have distorted information.
They’re trying to drive out the outside forces that are disrupting the right judgment by instigating them.
I’ll do it.

In addition, so that the voice of approval can be heard confidently.
We will create an atmosphere and respond confidently to any violence or tyranny.

In the new year, we will once again strengthen our determination and work on two major national projects.
On the current issue, I make the following position:

First, the return of the National Guard fees caused by the refusal of some members of the Buan County Council and the nation’s first.
The quasi-budgetary system is just a shock and a letdown.

In a national memorial service, we tried to persuade and pressure the military to avoid the worst.
I tried my best, but I couldn’t get it through.

The anger of the military is mounting over this way. The doctors don’t know what the residents are thinking.
Civil and criminal responsibility for paralyzing the military regime by refusing to return without asking.
You have to ask.

In our National Chukchuyeon, the legal experts will examine the issue of criminal responsibility for dereliction of duty as a lawmaker and individual right of initiative claim for payment of state fees in depth and take active legal action.
We’ll be ready.

Second, protests and anti-nuclear flags that ruin Buan’s economy should be removed immediately.
Anti-nuclear flag self-inflicted act as a sign of banning access to radiation-risk areas.

How contradictory would it be to deny yourself an outside tourist and insist on not doing business?
Is that logic?

Also, every time a protest is held, it allocates people by region and forces them to close down the market.
The vicious cycle has been repeated for six months as the main culprit for ruining the local economy.

The nuclear captain immediately stopped the demonstration, removed the anti-nuclear weapons, and then engaged in talks with his proponents.
We need to join the economic revival.

Third, the February 13 vote proposed by the nuclear captain will neutralize the participatory government.
It’s just a ploy to make them do it.

In the face of a referendum that passed the National Assembly at the end of last year, democracy is the basic.
It’s an idea that disregards the law, and it’s an idea that’s been unilaterally brainwashed by dissenters as time goes by.
Afraid of changing one’s mind, I’m going to try to force myself against it, and I’m going to do it in favor of the other side.
It’s just a ridiculous offer to set a time.

I repeat, the prerequisite for the referendum is: “The residents go back to their peaceful lives.
We need to be free to say the pros and cons, and we need to make it clear that everything is open and that peaceful discussions are going on for a considerable period of time, and that we can’t implement them this year if we can’t.
If the government accepts it, or if the nuclear captain unilaterally pushes ahead with it, the legal response will also be taken.
I strongly warn you that I will never die.

Fourth, Kim Jong-seong, a former military doctor, and a group of members of the executive committee met at a room salon right before the arrest.
Identify the person you were with and investigate the source of the price of the drink.

The nuclear captain advertised that Kim and others went to a motel to take a bath in their long life.
There is. The military can’t tolerate wanted men who take a bath with them.
it is.

I’m going to release the identities of the other two who were with me in the room salon, and I’m going to ask them why they’re here.
Whether or not the price of the brew and the service charge for the hospitality have been paid through the tracking of the funds.
We’ll have to find out if Captain nuclear is using the donations.

Distinguished Buan people,
We’ve been living under oppression and violence for the past six months, and we’ve been living under the same roof.
I’m living under threat.

At every pro-North Korean event, the nuclear captain wore yellow clothes, came swarming around and screamed.
They are blackmailing and threatening.

Such obstruction of business should be stopped immediately.
At least the Buan people have to show their willingness to work together.
The problem of Buan can be solved.

We will be patient and waiting for the nuclear captain to come to the dialogue table at any time.
Make it clear that you are willing to talk.

I’ll be waiting for the nuclear captain’s.
Thank you very much.