Speech through self-introduction

, I want to be, I want to be, I want to be, you know.
Words make actions. If the mother is embarrassed and her behavior is sarcastic, it is seen as an act without confidence.
However, if you think it’s just cute, you’re mistaken.
It’s a cuteness, but it seems like he doesn’t intend to deliver.
An important part of the willingness to deliver is the ending of motherhood.

How to train with 5-10 characters in short lines

The shorter the line, the more accurate the feeling should be conveyed. Emotions vary depending on where strength and rest are placed.
the difference between one and two breathing
I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

(One breath) ‘I’m sorry, V. Don’t breathe out when you quit. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.’

(Two breathing) ‘I’m sorry, V. I’m off, I’m sorry, I’m off the hook.’ I’m out.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

If you say the lines in the above three ways, you must feel wrong. If you take a break, the emphasis is wrong, too.
When you stop breathing and say the next line, you naturally emphasize the next line.

20 characters or so to convey the feeling and feel of the situation.

Why does my head hurt so much? I’m so tired.Maybe it’s because it’s autumn.

Depending on the situation, it can naturally be read and control your breathing.
Make a situation according to the six bottom principle and say a line. You can find many different feelings.
Grandmother was out of breath on the subway when there were many people with her luggage.
What about the example above? I can tell that I can read and control my breathing by myself.
What would you say in a big theater, or a small theater?
The feeling is different depending on the volume of the sound.

Understanding the objective sentence structure through reading books

Losing a book is usually like losing a fairy tale to a baby.
The mother tries to convey the exact feeling to the baby. Likewise, you can feel the will to deliver through reading books. When we read a book or some text aloud, we don’t remember what or what we read.
Just care about the sound, the intonation, but the content is left behind so that the listener can see the picture, not the sound, only if the content is drawn in his head.

I think some of the above methods will help you with your speech training.
I’ll continue to reinforce it.

a method of training by reading
15 or so attendees
Grand Prize: A graduate of the Non-Danwon Misplay School
Textbook: Eulhwa (Jak: Kim Dong-ri)

*Find the feel of 初見
Rather than making a character in detail, I will only feel what is going on!
(Eun-hwa hurriedly took the ball and ran to Han’s wife’s house.)
What is the situation here? Being busy will be the first priority. The thing to be careful about is that if you do it quickly because you feel busy, you can’t hear your lines well.

*Reading down to Hanho-eup
“The focus is on accurately conveying the object (feel) you want to express in any emotion.”
Let me set one thing to emphasize in the example above.
1.Flower paintings,…………
2.Take the ball, and…Take the ball and……………….
3.With one step, ……………………………………..
4.To Mrs. Han’s house…………………………………to Mrs. Han’s house….
If you speak in the four ways above, you will definitely feel wrong.
*Don’t cut too many paragraphs.
*Read slowly and clearly, but hold your breath until you are out of breath (not breathing, but tighten your stress)
* Distinguish between monologues and sentences spoken to subjects clearly!
Don’t forget to tell exactly who you are talking to.
Practice the above and discuss with each other.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to conversation training.

*Delivering will
*Voice differences between large and small theaters
*Feeling different from reading to breathing
*Breathing for vocalization and feeling.

Speech through self-introduction
This part is used a lot in interviews and new orientation.
The first thing that should be done is the will to deliver When you introduce yourself in front of the other person, you are the correct mother’s peer.
For example) I’m …. …and I’m going to…I want to be, I want to be

When I talk to people who are concerned about feminism, my common sense and their perception are the same.

Living in a raw fish, I often wonder how they are so different. That’s how it feels now. my coffin

When they say the dots are close to universal, they refute them with “victimism.”

the acceptor’s position And on the other hand, he’s forcing others to take his position.

Haven’t you ever thought about saving? Couldn’t it be some sort of coercion?

all kinds of thoughts and stories, at least by real name, unless it’s a matter like slander against a particular person.

have ‘freedom’ to pour out If you don’t agree, you have the freedom to refute the person’s “words.”

The objection to this article, and the rebuttal of it, is that the person who raised the question is not a good person.

It’s freedom.

It’s important to have fun watching this, and to have fun laughing together.

It is the freedom of the person who posted it.

Those who point out the anti-femininity in their writings have a good reason to raise their own problems.

There’s freedom to make a lot of people who agree, and it’s offensive to the person who posted this.

There is also the freedom not to click on another person’s writing from now on.

And it’s a problem that’s learned from the person who posted it.

It can make you rethink your behavior. So we communicate with each other, and we agree with each other

can look at each other’s views and arguments.

I understand why the above is being raised.(Agreed is different from understanding.) Criticism of the content of the article

I welcome it, but I don’t agree with criticizing what was posted.

If other people’s words are offensive, be bold in your argument. But don’t stop me from speaking. That’s.

It is an action that blocks the start of communication that will be carried out in the future.

He who talks about progress must respect the freedom of remuneration. semi-femininity or sexual cognitive

People who are sensitive to viewpoints are aware of the general common sense of our society (of course, it is seen as conventional wisdom or prejudice).

We should respect the freedom of those who have it.

Also, the size of the voice expressed in the space of university is proportional to the public’s perception.

an idea is a very dangerous idea Most of the people who just laugh at that post are just going to get over it.

tend to remain silent on somebody’s issues, or to be tired of the discussion itself raise a question

People take the argument without acknowledging them in the discussion space. But in reality

In space, they are also one of the subjects to be respected. It’s like a lot of the things that formed on the Internet.

The atmosphere of criticizing the GNP in the debate space is ‘dominant’ beyond the majority.

In the opinion poll against a person, I really don’t like the fact that the GNP is the most popular one.

be in the same vein as the thread

the thin air works for a good purpose, but does not receive the support of the public and degenerates into a mania movement.

One reason (expression is calm, but awareness of leisure in reality goes beyond indifference).

Is it because the public is stupid? It may sound out of the blue, but it’s the same problem.

##I’m not a person who puts logic into everything. He’s just someone who lives happily. probably the top

I wouldn’t have started this discussion without countless comments about writing.

All of

Especially, this is a problem that drives my personality to the grass with a slip of the word in the text.

There were cases of absurdity, so I only talk about Saddam.

I don’t like my wife or my daughter being discriminated against and oppressed because she’s a woman. Everyone

(Everyone has men and women) I hope this world will be a happy and prosperous world.

Anyway, if you’ve seen the above, you know, “If feminists have seen this, I’m not going to let it go.

Yes?” I would just laugh, thinking.

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